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Thursday, August 29, 2002

My inability to install the latest, greatest, neato nifty operating system once again has brought the laptop issue to the table. I've spent hundreds of dollars in the past year on parts for it to keep it running, but haven't been able to save enough for a new laptop. First, my tax refund was supposed to do it, but then a ton of bills added up and ate that up. Then I decided to have a little vacation at Defcon (which I really needed), so that put a dent in my savings...
Last night I tried to sign up for Apple's loan program but was denied. Don't get me started on my screwed up credit report, it's a lot of nofun.
I could write a nifty proposal that would get work to buy me a new PB G4. But then they would own it, and everything I do with it. Grrr.
I could probably save enough in 4 months to pay for it, but living in LA, just when you save some money things happen. Like tickets, a street cleaner hitting your car, etc.

Time to play the lottery.

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