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Monday, August 19, 2002

Fun drive into work today.
In southern california, it rarely rains. That's a good thing, since people here don't know what to do when driving in the rain. No joke, the whole city completely stops. Me, I come from place where we would only get a snow day if it was over 20 inches coming down. Rain, ha!
So last night I was going to the laundry room at 2am (damn neighbors hogged the machines all day and night) and I was walking through ground fog. When I woke up today it sure as hell looked like it had rained overnight, and when I got onto the highway sure enough, droplets were hitting my windshield. Here even the rain is surreal, it wasn't even a drizzle by NJ standards, it was more of a fine mist, like champagne bubbles. And every driver on the 405N was *stopping* to turn on their wipers.
God, I fucking love this town.

New TV show idea: [Al Queda's Funniest Home Videos].
Maybe Osama will show up to collect the $10k award, right? You never know. Postmodern terrorists sure seem to be prolific videographers. You'd think they would know to cover their tracks a tad better than that. More than half of the major terrorist attacks that have be stopped in the past decade have been foiled because intelligence and law enforcement agencies have obtained photos, emails, or videos from the terrorist's target reconnaissance runs.

Now I'm debating the whole homebuilt wireless AP idea. The 200mW card I want is about $150, the same cost as a Linksys wireless ap. I wouldn't be able to do some of the cool stuff I want to with the linksys, but I'm not even sure yet that the 200mW card will work in the sbus->pcmcia bridge. Ug. Supposedly cardbus cards won't work, and the 802.11 card is most likely cardbus (which, I think in this case only really means that it requires different voltages).

Found my [h3llb3nt] [hardcore vanilla] mp3s, yay! h3llb3nt is the sexy side of industrial hardcore/postpunk.... maybe.
Back in DC I amanged to get to a show (this was 1996 mind you), chemlab, 16 volt, and acumen nation. h3llb3nt is/was a collaboration between chemlab and 16 volt, so they actually sang 3 murders, 3 nights and chromed, live for the first time, but had to get someone to print out the lyrics for them.
Neato! Now be a good monkey and [download] 3 murders, 3 nights and forget you

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