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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

First experiments at a [Google API] based comparison shopping agent for chelle... not much luck. The idea here was that most of the places on the web for buying her kinda stuff (and, well, stuff I sure wouldn't mind seeing her in) are all selling the same stuff from the same wholesalers or whatever. More than once she's bought something online only to find later that another site had the EXACT same thing for a lower price. I noticed it wasn't just the exact same thing, but the exact same image.
So if you look at..
[and this]
Same thing, same image, different sites. Google unfortunately can't "find similar images", it doesn't actually do find by content for images but guesses at it based on the page the image is on. I took a shot at searching based on the filename for the image with not much luck, unfortunately. It's good start, but I need to think about the problem a lot more. The idea here is to find something you like on a site, then the agent spiders the web or uses Google to find the item on other sites at a lower price.

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